Getting to know you...

My favorite first dates always begin with casual conversation in a low-key setting. I believe chemistry builds best when the vibe is relaxed and we’re having fun. Show me your favorite taqueria, race me for the worst bowling score, or let me surprise you… I’m most interested in creating an opportunity to get to know you.

3 Hours … 1800

Extend … +500/h

Beyond Hello...

Maybe you already have the tickets, and now you just need a sizzling brunette to grip your thigh through the show and talk about the performance afterward in an absolutely ruined bed. Or maybe the greatest luxury is surrendering to my kind of night, and letting me plan our perfect evening. Either way, I love to live fully, and always know the perfect restaurant, the coziest lounge, the weirdest museums and the best doorways for stealing kisses as we run off together in the night.

Five Hours … 2500

Extend … +500/h

Sensual Deep Dive

Three hours. Two of us. One focus. 

Let’s start with a conversation, maybe a glass of wine or an edible. Tell me about your first time, your best time. Tell me about your fantasies. Your most memorable blow job, the hottest place you’ve ever done it. I want to know all about you, so that we can play on a deeper level.

If you have ever wondered whether you might be insatiable, wonder no more.

3 Hours … 2400

Extend … +600/h

Portland Escort Bella Belmondo sitting on the edge of a bed in a brightly lit room. She is wearing a black bustier and thigh highs with black panties. She smiling and holding a bottle of champagne.


Where it all began… 

My iconic erotic massage is not only my succubus origin story–it’s also my favorite workout of all time. Nuru sessions are hosted in my gorgeous massage studio in Portland, and can be booked directly on my nuru calendar.

Classic Nuru … 300

Nuru Plus … 600